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Ox One Watch by Adrian Pedrozo


This new watch by Adrian Pedrozo is a hybrid crossover between a mechanical watch and a GPS. It has a ‘magic button’ which sets the watch by GPS when you press it, always keeping the right time. If there is no GPS connection the watch reverts to the mechanical internal clock powered by a battery (which is charged by the movement of weights).

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Aakash Nihalani’s Landline Series

Artist Aakash Nihalani creates colourful bars which pass through people to symbolise “isolation and community”. But this is no photoshop trickery ! The bars are fluorescent paper cut-outs connected with tape, corrugated plastics and magnets. A great tactile take on optical illusions, we think!

Nihalani_Landline3b"Landline" by Aakash Nihalani"Landline" by Aakash NihalaniNihalani_Landline6"Landline" by Aakash Nihalani

Source: the Awesomer

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Every flight across the North Atlantic in one video


A promotional video for NATS (the UK’s largest air traffic control service) shows every single flight across the North Atlantic ocean in one single video. The video itself is pretty astonishing because it shows how many flights there are DAILY!! In one area of the world, if all of this is happening in one section of the sky then we can only attempt to imagine what is going on in the rest of the earths airspace. Isn’t it quite crazy to actually witness how crowded our skies are? NATS have also created another video similar to this one but showing Europe’s airspace. (this is on the same page as the North Atlantic one)

Source: AdWeek

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Say Hello to “Material Design” by Google

Google has just revealed a new design for Android, Chrome OS and the web. The new design features lots splashes of colour, updated iconography, typography and a more consistent interface as well as much more attention to detail, eg. having a lot of little animations which run smoothly and subtly. Google have also majorly redesigned versions of their apps for Android and the web including Gmail and Calendar and put a lot of focus on the new design being ‘like life’. Each transition and element will appear as in real life – the ‘Material’ reacts to a touch with a gentle ripple or, if you open an app at the side it will enlarge from the side rather than from the centre. You can visit the Google Design website to learn more or watch the video below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 14.20.33


Source: Google Design


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World Cup Stadium Architecture By Andre Chiote



2014 Brazil World CupTo celebrate the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Artist/Architect based in Portugal, Andre Chiote, has re-designed several World Cup stadium posters. Andre has simplified them by bringing down the levels of detail in each poster. He uses the main colours (in matt form). Each poster has been re-designed so the different shapes in each are bigger overall, drawing attention and making them bold and outstanding.

brazil 2 brazil 3 brazil 4 brazil wld cp blog brazil

source: designboom

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Grand Prix winners from Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity


The Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity is an annual festival that recognises individuality, creativity and effectiveness in adverts. The event goes on for six days, with categories ranging from innovation, creative effectiveness to radio and even film craft! Each entry is judged against its shortlist and how effectively it does what its required to do for that category, this is a great event for developing original, unique ideas and influencing a mind in a creative fashion-it opens your mind to think outside of the box. You can see the grand prix winners here and our personal favourites below:

Source: AdAge



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