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Apple Power Mac Furniture

After 2003 Steve Jobs keynote presentation nobody would expect that one day G5 power mac will be use as a part of furniture. It is not a surprise that the design of the ‘apple G5 power mac’ was undoubtedly perfect. Nearly ten years of the production had to end up with a new model replacement and for many designers putting their G5 to the bin would be heartbreaking. Klaus Geiger decided to give them a second life and convert into contemporary furniture. He has removed all of the electronic parts and used the cases as a horizontal or a vertical drawer, bench or conference table. This project shows that a product could be stylish, contemporary and sustainable at the same time. A set of iFurniture is a perfect fit for many design studios!

klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-01 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-02 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-03 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-04 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-05 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-06 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-07 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-08 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-09 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-10 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-11 klaus-geiger-benchmarc-apple-g5-power-mac-furniture-designboom-12

Source: Designboom


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Illustrated Starbucks Cups

Artist, Soo Min Kim, has created a whole new world for Starbucks’ iconic mermaid. Through his whimsical illustration style, he places the mermaid in a variety of situations, all illustrated on the coffee cups themselves with just white paint and green markers. Latte with a side of mermaid-turns-transformer never looked so good!

artist-illustrated-starbucks-cups-soo-min-kim-designboom-04artist-illustrated-starbucks-cups-soo-min-kim-designboom-16artist-illustrated-starbucks-cups-soo-min-kim-designboom-09 artist-illustrated-starbucks-cups-soo-min-kim-designboom-13artist-illustrated-starbucks-cups-soo-min-kim-designboom-18artist-illustrated-starbucks-cups-soo-min-kim-designboom-01

Source: Design Boom

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Sa: The Umbrella Reimagined

It is possibly a universal fact that umbrellas have a very low lifespan, averaging around 5 minutes in a windy storm, when they tend to collapse into spindly messes and be confined to the nearest bin. However design duo, Matthew Waldman and Justin Nagelberg have created a novel new concept for the umbrella. Currently being funded through Kickstarter, the ‘Sa’ umbrella is inspired by origami to create a sturdy, yet organic, foldout canopy structure, rather than relying on the traditional metal skeleton. This is activated simply by rotating the handle, which releases a spring. To close it? Just pull on the handle and the structure neatly folds back on itself. We think this a great and simple solution for the everyday commuter who no longer needs to fear the inevitable collapse of the traditional umbrella!

Umbrella-Outside Closed-HorizontalSketch-1Open-AngleHandle-AngleSource: WIRED

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Tokyo’s Miracle Homes

Japan – a country known for its cutting-edge design, but maybe not so much its architecture. However, photographer Jérémie Souteyrat believes that Japanese architects have a rising new platform for experimentation – tiny plots of land.

“Inheritance taxes [in Japan] are so high that children often have to sell half the land to pay them. That’s why homes are so tiny now,” explains the photographer. To add to this, most Japanese homes last for an average of 25 years, providing frequent opportunity for changes in architecture and design. Jérémie’s new photographic book – ‘Tokyo No Ie” – documents the marvellous feats of compact housing architecture that can be found hidden along the streets of Tokyo. Not necessarily small structures, many are ingeniously designed upwards to make the most of the impossibly small land spaces.


Jeremie-Souteyrat-Tokyo-No-Ie-2 Space2_1Space3Tokyo no ie (Tokyo houses)Space1 Space5


Source: WIRED

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The North Face’s Pop-Up Experience

Think you’re quite an adventurous, outdoor type? Chances are The North Face will stock everything you need for your next adventure…and possibly a bit more at their South Korean pop-up shop. The brand have created a brilliant experience within their new store, which holds a selected range of clothing, but also boasts a climbing wall to playfully enhance the mindset of the customers who come searching for their outdoor gear. However, the climbing wall isn’t just a mere decoration and comes in very useful when the floor disappears before their eyes!

The video released by The North Face shows how their store comes to life and immerses unsuspecting customers in an exciting survival experience, inspired by the brand’s projected lifestyle. We think that the campaign entitled ‘Never Stop Exploring’ is great fun (if not frankly terrifying), and really encourages interaction with the brand, creating an awesome, memorable experience.


north-face-floor-final-hed-20143 4 5 6


Source: Design Taxi

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The Nobel Prize by Country

Following the inspiring achievements of this year’s Nobel Prize winners, Reuters have released a beautiful infographic showing a visualisation of Nobel Prize distribution by country, since 1901. The infographic depicts the amount of Nobel Prize winners by country of origin, with links to the various awarded categories. USA is home to the most Nobel Prize laureates, with the UK second – however, across the world 876 Prizes have been won collectively!


screenshot 2014-10-08 06.33.01


An infographic showing a more in-depth view of Nobel Prize Physics Laureates was also released, providing another simple way to represent winners by country.


screenshot 2014-10-08 06.38.23


Source: Business Insider





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