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‘Family Box’ – the Inspiring Children’s Centre

SAKO Architects have recently designed a children’s early educational centre with a difference. Curved and organic forms make up the interior architecture of the Beijing centre, with splashes of colour differentiating each area, and adding playfulness and energy. All of this together creates a stimulating environment for families to visit, with services such as swimming pools, music studios and a kids supermarket sparking the imagination of children (and adults!)

‘Family Box’ is a world away from some children’s centres – it is friendly, warm and inspiring, and we hope this will inspire equally exciting children’s environments in the future.


SAKO-architects-family-box-in-beijing-china-designboom-02 SAKO-architects-family-box-in-beijing-china-designboom-06 SAKO-architects-family-box-in-beijing-china-designboom-08 SAKO-architects-family-box-in-beijing-china-designboom-10

Source: DesignBoom


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Truck of the Future

Mercedes Benz have released their world premiere for the 2025 truck of the future – that may spark a revolution in the way we travel. The new truck, being exhibited in Hanover this month, will be self-driving!

The high-tech truck is kitted out with smart cameras, sensors and radars, detecting cars around them and potential hazards ahead – some also being able to detect movement in the all-important blind spot. One camera can even read road signs. LED bulbs also glow in various colours to indicate whether the truck is in autonomous mode, or under full manual control – a practical feature that complements the futuristic truck. Together, all of these features will work to analyse the road and keep the car driving straight, while communicating any hazards to the driver. This will create a more streamlined, efficient experience while still allowing full control of the truck – though some will argue that drivers will rely too much on the self-driving technology, forgetting to remain aware.

Daimler AG, parent company of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks division, states: “In ten years’ time, trucks could be driving autonomously on motorways. Transport efficiency will increase, traffic will be safer for all road users, and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will be further reduced.”



mercedes-benz-future-truck-2025-front-profile-in-motion 7-mercedes-benz-future-truck-2025 Mercedes-Benz-Future-Truck-2025-45-520x347

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Hong Kong’s Scattered Light

Artist Jim Campbell has created a sculptural, luminous installation of ‘suspended’ lightbulbs in a Hong Kong public square. Made from 2000 lightbulbs, the lights flicker at random, creating a maze that the public are encouraged to interact with. We think this is a lovely example of an immersive, environmental installation, which grabs your attention but also blends in with the urban landscape.

jim-campbell-scattered-light-hong-kong-designboom-02 jim-campbell-scattered-light-hong-kong-designboom-03 jim-campbell-scattered-light-hong-kong-designboom-06

Source: DesignBoom

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The ‘White Sails’ Hospital

Architect Vasily Klyukin’s vision for the ‘White Sails’ hospital and wellness spa that ‘no one will be afraid to visit‘. The hospital, designed to resemble a calm ship, will be built in peaceful surroundings within Tunisia’s planned Economic City.

Klyukin was inspired by his own hospital experiences saying, ‘every time I’m approaching the white building of the clinic, I don’t feel any joy, but I would like to show a hospital where there is no room for fear. An amazing piece of architecture – but also an uplifting haven for the hospital’s patients.

vasily-klyukin-white-sails-hospital-spa-tunisia-economic-city-designboom-09 vasily-klyukin-white-sails-hospital-spa-tunisia-economic-city-designboom-08 vasily-klyukin-white-sails-hospital-spa-tunisia-economic-city-designboom-02 vasily-klyukin-white-sails-hospital-spa-tunisia-economic-city-designboom-10 vasily-klyukin-white-sails-hospital-spa-tunisia-economic-city-designboom-07

Source: DesignBoom

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Design Innovations with a Conscience

Fast Company have revealed their 2014 shortlist of intelligent design solutions that have transformed our everyday lives through design. You can see the full list here, and we picked out some of our favourite mind-blowing innovations:

Innovations in the office have been explored by LEED who have created the ‘Dynamic Plaque’ – an interactive system that measures how much water and energy a building is consuming, how well they recycle, and how happy workers are – allowing managers to understand and make changes to improve each individual building.


Data building appleed


Another community-conscious design was engineered by FCB advertising agency in partnership with a local Peruvian tech college. They created a billboard that absorbs moisture from the air, then filtering it and sending it to a local reservoir, creating a source of clean water for the locals.

moisture billboard potable-water-generator


Finally, a simple idea to improve sanitation – instead of implementing a whole new toilet system across the world, American Standard created a more affordable solution that uses design to improve the system already in place. The ‘Safe Toilet’ is a trapdoor toilet pan that ‘costs just $1.50 and seals off access to pit latrines, preventing disease-carrying flies from getting in and out.’ 


toilet panCG64940


Overall –  all inspiring, people-orientated innovations, that showcase how design really can change the world for the better.

Sources: Fast Company, LEEDTechland, PR Newswire


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The Disappearing Office

Amsterdam-based design agency Heldergroen appear to work in a typical studio space during the day, but at 6pm this all changes. All desks are attached to the ceiling and are whisked up into the air – clearing the room for activities such as yoga, networking events, and of course, office parties. The space can also be used by the local community, encouraging an open, space-conscious culture that could inspire other office spaces to develop multi-use purposes. Not only an ingenious idea (involving some magic with theatre production mechanisms) but the disappearing desk space also encourages a sustainable work-life balance for the staff.

“We think that doing activities like this makes it easier for people to work here,” says Sander Veenendaal, Creative Director of Heldergroen. “You know when it is time to relax or do something else that inspires you.”


Source: Fast Company

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