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The Pantone Hotel in Brussels

Whatever your mood, the Pantone Hotel promises to have a room—and palette—to match. The Pantone Hotel is a themed, boutique hotel in Brussels which is based on Pantone colours. The hotel was designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert and all rooms include snapshots of Brussels taken by Belgian photographer Victor Levy. The floors and rooms of the hotel feature different Pantone colours and palettes—from bright and vivid to subdued. Definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a unique, colourful hotel in Brussels!

pantone-hotel-15pantone-hotel-12pantone-hotel-14pantone-hotel-13pantone-hotel-04 pantone-hotel-08pantone-hotel-07pantone-hotel-09pantone-hotel-02


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Unusual Illustrations by João A. Carvalho

Notebook paper—or maybe not? Illustrator, João A. Carvalho is a talented 15 year old who draws popular characters and shapes along with blue lines which imitate a notebook. He uses the lines and adds shading to create an impressive 3-D effect. You would never guess these drawings are 2-D when the character and shapes have so much depth! Take a look at more of his work here.



Source: Neatorama & Funny n Lol

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Beautiful Norwegian Passport Design by Neue

Passport design isn’t usually something that gets people talking. That’s not the case with the new designs for Norwegian passports by studio Neue, which have been creating a lot of buzz over the last week.

The colourful, clean designs are based on Norway’s beautiful landscape. (Shining the main pages under UV light even adds the northern lights to the landscape!) Neue’s designs won a competition run by Norway’s National Police Directorate for redesigning Norway’s passport and national ID card. The unique designs definitely take passport design to a new level!

Norwegianpassport_cover-1 Norwegianpassport_spread Norwegianpassport_spread_UV_light

Take a look at more of Studio Neue’s work here.

Source: It’s Nice That & The Guardian

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‘Eat Me’ Alphabet by Massimo Gammacurta

Good enough to eat? Italian artist Massimo Gammacurta has made a candy version of the 26 letters of the English alphabet. The bold, sans-serif letters were sculpted and solidified before being photographed. Each letter is a unique mixture of vibrant colours and lines – definitely too beautiful to eat! You can check out the rest of the alphabet here.

massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-06 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-01 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-13 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-12 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-02 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-04 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-05 massimo-gammacurta-eat-me-candy-typeface-designboom-10

Source: Design Boom

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‘We’re Fryin’ Out Here’ Sculpture by Andrew Hankin

Something unusual landed on Bondi beach this month – a massive frying pan! Every year sculptures appear around Sydney’s coast as part of Sculpture by the Sea, which is a cool, annual exhibition promoting outdoor community art.

This year a quirky addition was Andrew Hankin’s ‘We’re Fryin’ Out Here’ – an installation of a massive frying pan on Bondi beach. The pan was placed on the sand for visitors to interact with and sunbathe in. The artist said the sculpture’s message was ‘be careful cooking yourself this summer’. The sculpture was one of over one hundred others placed along the coast this November. Check them out here.

andrew-hankin-were-frying-out-here-scultpure-by-the-sea-designboom-05-1  andrew-hankin-were-frying-out-here-scultpure-by-the-sea-designboom-03andrew-hankin-were-frying-out-here-scultpure-by-the-sea-designboom-01andrew-hankin-were-frying-out-here-scultpure-by-the-sea-designboom-02andrew-hankin-were-frying-out-here-scultpure-by-the-sea-designboom-04

Source: Design Boom

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Lumino City – Handcrafted Video Game

Lumino City is a beautifully crafted game that brims with creativity and already stole some hearts at our CAD studio. Amazingly, the whole set for the game was handmade from paper, card, wood, miniature lights and electric motors. The set was built as a model city–which was ten foot high!–before being digitised for the game. The game is a sequel to the popular puzzle adventure game Lume and is coming out this November for Windows and MacOS. Solving puzzles while exploring this unique city is sure to be an inspiring and exciting experience! We can’t wait!

Watch the trailer here:








For more information take a look at the Lumino City website.

Source: State of Play

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